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How to change the host and port of your Nuxt apps

For whatever reason (usually CORS), you'll need to change the host and port of your local Nuxt development server at some point. How to do itAdd the following to your

Tailwind in Vue CLI

Need to get Tailwind set up with a Vue CLI-built project? Here's a handy step by step guide. We'll start with the basics and then go into some really important

Laravel Websockets on Forge (The Complete Guide)

The popular Laravel Websockets package makes it really easy to get realtime functionality working on your Laravel projects, but what happens when it's time to deploy? If you're using Forge,

Accessing authenticated user details with JavaScript in Laravel

If you're using Vue/Alpine or any other JavaScript in your Laravel projects, chances are at some point you'll need to grab authenticated user information. Take this snippet as an

Computed properties in Alpine.js

If you're using Alpine.js and also use a framework like Vue.js, you're probably missing computed properties right now. Up until recently, I'd been achieving things I wanted computed

Using Vuex with the Vue Composition API

While I was learning the Vue Composition API, something suddenly hit me. What about Vuex? How will I beautifully map my getters, mutations and actions like I currently do with

Using the Nuxt fetch method for effortless API sorting and filtering

If you've used Nuxt before, you're probably using the asyncData method in your pages to pre-fetch content from your API to be server-side rendered. The new fetch method in Nuxt